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About Me
I am currently training to be a Quantum Engineer (I study Quantum Mechanics with a focus on engineering Quantum behaviour), by working towards my second PhD in Physics. For further details, please look at my CV.

I was a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Computer Science department at The College of New Jersey for academic year 2017 - 2018. Prior to this, I was a software engineer for Tarana Wireless from June 2015 - August 2017. I was an assistant professor of electrical engineering at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) from 2009 - 2015.

Prior to MSOE, I spent 10 years (1999 - 2009) at the University of California, Berkeley (PhD in EE, December 2009; M.S in EE, May 2005; B.S in EE, August 2002). I worked in the Nonlinear Electronics (NOEL) lab. My advisor was Dr. Leon O. Chua, I was co-advised by Dr. Pravin P. Varaiya. I was funded most of my career in Berkeley by graduate student instructor grants and by Ferenc Kovac of the Electronic Support Group.

My areas of interest are nonlinear dynamical systems and embedded systems. More specifically, I work on quantum chaos, autonomous chaotic circuits and reconfigurable architectures. With Dr. Mossbrucker at MSOE, I started the HARP (Heterogeneous Architectures and Reactive Programming) group at MSOE. I am also interested in introducing nonlinear dynamics at the undergraduate level.

I had been involved in education from 1999 - 2018 (University of California, Berkeley 1999 - 2009; MSOE: 2009 - 2015; TCNJ: 2017 - 2018). I have been working with electronics and designing software for 20 years (1995; 1999 - Present). I have been involved with dynamical systems research for 13 years (2005 - Present).

My Erdos number is 4: Muthuswamy, B->Chua, L.O->Boyd, S. P.->Diaconis, P. W.->Erdos, P.

My mathematical geneology goes all the way back to Carl Friedrich Gauss (and even further)! Once you get to M. E. V. Valkenburg, follow the geneology of Laurence Albert Manning.

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