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Memristor Research

  1. Role of memristance in chaotic behavior in the RLD (resistor-inductor-diode) circuit. Work done jointly with Zehra Gulru Cam Taskiran, Yildiz Technical University.

  2. Memristor models for Atrial Fibrillation. Work done jointly with TCNJ student Dan Funke and Dr. Sunil T. Mathew (Cardiologist, University of Oklahoma School of Medicine).

Nonlinear Dynamics
  1. Chaotic behaviour in the hysteretic inductor circuit. Work done jointly with TCNJ students Paul B., Jake B. and Matt K., Dr. Ganesan, Vellore Institute of Technology and Dr. Banerjee, Universiti Putra, Malaysia.

  2. Canonical Chaotic Behaviour in the Muthuswamy-Chua circuit. Work done jointly with Dr. Ganesan and Dr. Banerjee.

  1. Simulation of nonlinear circuits in QUCS

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